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Active Adult Living

Active Adult Lifestyle

Adult lifestyle or 55+ communities are the desired way to retire. It’s worry-free, manageable living, perfect for empty nesters looking to live freer and easier. It’s time to treat yourself to the best in living!

Find active lifestyle communities in Ontario, Manitoba, and BC, including golf communities, bungalow communities, rentals and ownership units.

Explore your retirement options with Comfort Life

Since 2002, we have been helping people like you make the right decisions about retirement options for you, and your loved ones.

With over 100 retirement communities Canada wide, and alternative options world-wide, Comfort life is the #1 trusted source providing Canadians with comprehensive information on retirement living.

Your guide to the best retirement living in Canada.

Featured Community

Tapestry at Wesbrook Village
Tapestry at Wesbrook Village
Vancouver, British Columbia

Guides: We’ve got you covered

COVID-19 and seniors

COVID-19 affects the entire world, but especially the elderly and those in care. Here are resources and information on how to help seniors close to you: • How to help seniors during the outbreakHow to protect seniors during COVID-19How to talk to seniors about the seriousness of COVID-19

Here’s a look at how retirement homes are making the best of this challenging situation: • How retirement homes protect seniorsSenior living under COVID-19

Your kids have moved out. Now what?

You’re looking for something more suitable to who you are now. A growing number of Canadians choose adult lifestyle communities. Find the best places to retire in Canada, or shorter lists of the best places to retire in BC, the best in Alberta or the best in Ontario. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of condos, retirement villages and other lifestyle options. Start your retirement adventure.

Caring for aging parents

You’re not alone. Our complete guide for Canadian caregivers with aging parents. Review issues and problems Canadians face, with some solutions. Learn about support networks to help you avoid caregiver fatigue. Find out all about caregiver benefits. Learn how to talk to aging parents about senior care, and start on the road to a new home with our retirement home checklist. Adult children of aging parents: find help.

The many faces of senior care

Senior care comes in a wide variety, from independent living to assisted senior living to long term care. Many people look at home care services as a means of augmenting help in other environments, including retirement homes. Respite care offers families and seniors a glimpse inside communities. Convalescent care is ideal for post-surgery recovery. Senior couples with different care needs find continuing care ideal. Get a full overview.

For Seniors

Change isn’t easy, but we can help. Hear from experts why people move into a retirement home or what you need to know about seniors and real estate. Hear your peers' retirement home testimonials — or read reviews of homes near you. Consider how great a newly built home would be! Get all the advice you need on moving into a retirement home, what you need to pack, and other last details before you move. Start here before you move.

Understanding senior care costs

Many people look only superficially at retirement home costs. Use our retirement calculator to compare your current costs to the simple monthly fee of a retirement home. Survey costs in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and other provinces, along with advice on how to maximize financial resources available to you. Survey care costs.

Seniors' Services

We've created a marketplace where you can quickly find experts in helping those 60 and older. There is a growing collection of people who value and understand the specific needs of people this age. Find government services, , Master ASAs, travel agents for seniors and more. Get help from experts who understand you.

Get right-sized!

There're many different styles of living, each suited to different people. Senior apartments are an ideal transition for those who are alone or widowed, who want to have in-house services and care available. Find ideal apartment buildings, from Toronto to Vancouver, including those offering residential care. We also look at senior condos, townhouses, retirement bungalows, and benefits of each. Take a look at senior housing options.

Caregiver stories

New for 2020. Many adult children of seniors face stress. We share stories from caregivers facing the challenge of senior loved ones with increasing care needs. Follow others trying to find the best retirement home, dealing with dementia, or simply worrying about an aging loved one. Shared burden is a lightened burden. Check out caregiver stories.

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Comfort Life Retirement Living Guide

Comfort Life Retirement Living Guide
  • Profiles of top retirement communities
  • Types of retirement care
  • How can you afford a retirement community
  • Getting ready for the move
Free download
  • Profiles of top retirement communities
  • Types of retirement care
  • How can you afford a retirement community
  • Getting ready for the move
Free download

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